Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Journaling does not scare me anymore

As far back as I can remember, the word "journal" made me shrink back, act like I was invisible, and retreat into some dark space that was very, very frightening. I remember seeing the journals of other artists that had shown me their work and they seemed very comfortable sharing these "top secret" works of art. Not sure where all those thoughts came from except that maybe I, ME, MYSELF, had a lot of "skeletons" in my closet, or had one too many secrets that I didn't want to share.
Slowly but surely those fears began to diminish when I realized that I didn't have to write anything on those pages about me! I could copy something from a book; maybe a quotation, a phrase that I liked or some random words that meant nothing at all. Once I realized that I "could do that", the creative process began to evolve and it evolved with the start of color on the page.

The first page that I called a "journal page" still remains quite vivid in my mind. It started with a large fish rubber stamps, some Portfolio Water Soluble Oil Pastels, a black marker and a large blank notebook already filled with notes, ideas and visions of grandeur.  

As I gazed at the page with colorful, floating fish, I asked myself "what do I know about fish?" So, with a few wavy lines for my "fish list" added to the page I recalled the little fishy song from long long ago and there it was "they swam and they swam all over the damn". Totally non-committal in any way, shape or form. Whew! I did it! I created a journal page and I did it all by myself.

My journey began with a fish, a song and some color and as I look back I say to myself,
"that was easy and I didn't have to reveal any of those deep dark secrets that everyone in world is dying to know about me.
A colorful page just waiting for words


  1. I don't want to know your secrets; then I'd have to tell mine :0
    This is a great post for those afraid (me) of art journaling, whether not wanting to reveal those secrets, not knowing where to start, or fear of the blank page!

  2. Beautiful, Jane, but we still are dying to know all those deep, dark secrets about you...

  3. Way. To. Go! I totally applaud your efforts! Your first journal page, just amazing. I felt the same way about mine, but just the opposite of you, I always wear my heart on my sleeve! I am learning there is great value in not sharing every details of my mind, ha! I have great respect for you for doing this, and for making beautiful artwork, too! I'd love for you to check out my blog... and, thanks, in advance!

  4. Wonderful! I'm trying to commit to a journal this year - a calendar type. Each month one spread. Thanks for the encouragement by posting yours!

  5. beautiful, jane........i don't write on my journal pages....i never know what to say......

  6. This is a beautiful beautiful way to journal. Gorgeous images. Thank you so much for sharing. I will remember this.

  7. Maybe there's hope for me yet Jane...I've always admired everyone else's pages but never been able to 'start' one myself???...
    Thank you for sharing...I LOVE your fish stamp!

  8. love this! and you did make it fun to add words when I took that bird collage session at the shop...I really struggle adding the words and have become comfortable with sometimes you 'don't have to'! Is there anything going on the week of april 14th, during the week, unfortunately I can't make the weekend session...hope to see you!